Adding Pages to Your Planners

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Adding Pages to Your Planners

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With 7 varieties of Diary Page, adding pages to your planners is simple. You can add diary pages to your student planners here.

There are over 100 other pages to choose from! Only pay for what you want, by adding the pages you need and saying ‘Thanks but no thanks’ to the ones you don’t! Choose from our huge selection here.

By dragging and dropping one or numerous pages at a time, you can quickly change the order in which your pages will appear. To drag numerous pages, simply select the pages you want to move by ticking the box, click on one of the selection and drag them to the section of the planner you want.

planner pages adding pages to your planners adding a page to your planners

You can customise any page that has the below symbol; just click ‘edit’ and get creative!

If you need any help, contact us on 01733 315097!